Japanese Cheetos Cheese - Cheese Chips - 75g

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It would seem that it is always time for an aperitif sooner or later in a given point of the world, so take advantage of it as soon as you can thanks to these Cheetos chips! American corn croissants are also available in the country version of the rising sun: discover the famous US Cheetos aperitif snacks with a good taste of cheese in the Japanese version! These Japanese Cheetos will accompany all your wildest parties, with their cheesy and creamy taste for which everyone is crazy, for aperitifs that crunch with happiness!

Ingredients: Semolina of MAIZE enriched (maize semolina, ferrous sulphate (iron), vitamins B3-B1-B2-B9), vegetable oils (maize, rapeseed, sunflower), cheese dressing (whey, cheddar cheese (MILK, cheese crops, salt, enzymes), rapeseed oil, maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavors, salt, whey protein concentrate, flavor enhancer E621, acidity regulators E270-E330, coloring E110 *), salt. * Can have negative effects on children's activity and attention. Contains GMOs. Nutritional values (per 100g): energy 571Kcal, lipids 35.7g (of which saturated fats 5.4g), carbohydrates 53.6g (of which sugars 3.6g), proteins 7.1g, salt 2.2g.

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