Oreo O's Cereal - 311g

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Oreo O's Cereal, 311g chocolate cereal pack for an unrivaled morning sprint. Made with different and nutritious ingredients, perfectly balanced with each other, the recipe of these cereals gives a very light flavor due to both the mixture with which they are made and the absence of added sugars and fats: ideal for those who wants to stay light but take on all the beneficial properties that a breakfast must give for the charge of the whole day, as well as for all those Grandchildren who love products deriving from Oreo. Inside Oreo O's Cereal, in fact, there is a rich presence of vitamin B6, as well as a slight percentage of vitamin A.

Ingredients: corn flour, sugar, flour oats whole grains, alalinized cocoa, rapeseed oil, corn syrup, enriched unbleached flour (wheat flour, reduced iron, vitamins B3-B1-B2-B9), salt, degerminated corn semolina, natural and artificial flavors, starch corn, palm oil, color E171, chocolate liqueur, isoglucose, raising agents E500ii-E341, soy lecithin E322, antioxidant E321, ferric orthophosphate (source of iron), vitamins B3-B1-B6-B9-B5, oxide zinc.
Allergen information: contains soy is wheat.
Nutritional values (per 100g): energy 400kcal / 1673.6kj, fats 5 (of which saturated fatty acids 0g), carbohydrates 83.3g (of which sugars 43.33g), fibers 3.33g, proteins 3.33g, salt 0.5g.

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