Hostess Sno Balls - Soft Snacks Chocolate, Coconut and Marshmallow Cream

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Try these delicious American snacks from the Hostess brand! The Sno Balls are very soft white snacks (or blue or pink or yellow) covered with small pieces of marshmallow and coconut flakes, with a chocolate interior and filled with delicious Hostess cream. Single or 6 pack.

Ingredients: Sugar, water, syrup of MAIZE, flour of WHEAT enriched bleached (flour, reduced iron, vitamins B3-B1-B2-B9), walnut COCONUT (SULPHITES), isoglucose, partially hydrogenated vegetable or animal fat (oils of SOY, cottonseed and / or rapeseed, beef fat), emulsifiers E471-E435-E322 (lecithin SOY), contains 2% or less of the following ingredients: cocoa, palm and palm oils SOY, glycerin, sugar, starch of MAIZE, pork jelly, starch of MAIZE modified, glucose, alkalized cocoa, salt, whey, raising agents E450i-E500i-E341i-corn starch, EGGS (whole, egg whites), sugar, emulsifiers E471-E481, preservatives E202-E200 (to maintain freshness), dextrose, wheat flour, enzymes, thickeners E415-E466, natural and artificial flavors, colors E133-E132-E102-E120 -E129-E110.
Allergens: Contains wheat, egg, coconut and soy.
Nutritional values (per 100g): energy 354Kcal, lipids 11.1g (of which saturated fats 7.1g), carbohydrates 61.6g (of which sugars 46.5g), proteins 3g, salt 1g.

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