Kings Beef Jerky Original - 25g

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Have you always dreamed of living in a western movie? Next time you want to grab a snack, pull out your Kings Beef Jerky Original jerky bag. Savor the taste of the American West thanks to this typically Yankee salty snack ... Because in the USA, dried beef is a real classic. And the Kings Beef Jerky Original version is a legend!

Ingredients: Beef, sugar, salt, spices, herbs, acidity regulator E331, natural flavors, yeast extract, dehydrated onions, antioxidant E316, preservative E250. Nutritional values (per 100g): energy 291Kcal, lipids 4.9g (of which saturated fats 2g), carbohydrates 26.3g (of which sugars 23.9g), proteins 36.3g, salt 4.7g.

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