Now & Later Chewy Banana - Soft Banana Candies - 26g

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Now & Later Chewy American Banana Candy will remind you of the good times of your childhood. When you start eating these soft toffee candies you won't be able to stop ... Each packet contains 6 individually wrapped candies. They are fantastic!

Ingredients: syrup of MAIZE, sugar, hydrogenated soybean oil, acidity regulator E330, salt, SOY lecithin E322, artificial flavoring, coloring E102 *, * May have negative effects on children's activity and attention. Contains GMOs. Nutritional values (per 100g): energy 385Kcal, lipids 3.8g (of which saturated fats 0g), carbohydrates 88.5g (of which sugars 61.5g), proteins 0g, salt 0.3g.

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