Pop Tarts Splitz Sugar Cookie and Brown Batter - 2pcs

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Single pack for food hermetic and resistant Pop Tarts Splitz Sugar Cookie and Brown Batte, two biscuits filled half with Sugar Cookies and the other half with Brown Batter flavor in the 100 gram format. Who knows what your friends will think when they see them ... to continue cultivating your American dream, you cannot fail to add this item to your cart, as well as all the other Pop Tarts variants in the shop.

Ingredients: enriched flour (flour of wheat, reduced iron, vitamin B1-B2, folic acid), corn syrup, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, palm and soy (with TBHQ to maintain freshness), dextrose, wholemeal flour, contains 2% or less wheat flour, molasses, yeast (sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum phosphate), whey, wheat starch, modified corn starch , salt, glycerin, dried strawberries, dried pears, dried apples, soy lecithin, corn starch, milk skim, yellow corn flour, gelatin, ditric acid, added colors, palm oil, turmeric extracts, modified wheat starch, natural and artificial flavors, xanthan gum, lactic acid, caramel color, color E129 * - E110 * - E104 * -E102 * -E133 *. * can adversely affect children's activity and attention. Allergen Information: Contains milk, wheat, soy. Nutritional values (per 100 grams): Energy 380Kcal / 1589Kj, fat 9g (of which saturated fatty acids 3g), carbohydrates 71g (of which sugars 33g), fiber 2g, protein 5g, salt 0.4g.

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