Q Japanese Mochi Pandan with Coconut - 210g

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Mochi is the most characteristic Japanese dessert, made with chopped and pounded rice to become a sweet and soft dough to be stuffed with the most varied ingredients.
Tradition provides that mochi are prepared by two people who work in pairs: the first rhythmically pounds the rice with a hammer called kine, while the second mixes and moistens the mochi. This ceremony, now reserved for special events due to its industriousness, is called "mochitsuki" and requires great coordination!
The Mochi in this particular version with Pandan and coconut flakes are delicious!


Ingredients: maltose (25%), glutinous rice (25%), beans, sugar, coconut flakes, maltose, palm oil), sugar, stabilizer: (E1442), palm oil, flavoring, preservative: (E200). May contain gluten, peanuts, soy and nuts.


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