Wild West Beef Jerky Original - Dried Meat - 25g

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Wild West Jerky Beef is a 100% American-style snack. Here is the original version to taste the good taste of quality dried meat and give you a good dose of energy and protein like the cowboys do in the American West!

Ingredients: Beef, demerara sugar, water, sauce of SOY gluten-free (water, soy, salt, vinegar), natural flavoring, salt, apple vinegar, pineapple concentrate, black pepper, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onions, spices. Made in the UK. Beef from UK or EU. Nutritional values (per 100g): energy 286Kcal, lipids 5g (of which saturated fats 1.7g), carbohydrates 21.5g (of which sugars 18.9g), proteins 39g, salt 3.8g.

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